HINT: How the reminders work

Watch the video on how the little reminders work
So, still wondering exactly how Hint works? We decided to make an animated explainer video to show you. Here we introduce you to Maggie; she could be your mother, your grandmother, your wife or your sister.
As you’ll see, you can be perfectly capable of living alone and still find Hint useful. The idea is to promote independence; it’s for people who want to stay on top of their daily routines, without relying on anyone else. Often, assisted living solutions can feel invasive, like you’re being monitored. With Hint, you only share updates if you want to - it’s entirely up to the user. If you want it as a personal reminder, that’s great! If you want to share your progress with a carer or relative to give them peace of mind, that’s also fine. The point is, it’s up to you.
Hints can be used for any task you do regularly – from feeding the cat to watering the plants, or taking an asthma inhaler.
Watch the video here.