We're all forgetful sometimes. But later in life, memory loss can become a real problem. Hints help you remember when it's time to do an important task, like feeding the cat or taking daily medication.




Everything is fine, no tasks to do. 



It's time to do your task now. 



Hurry, your task is overdue!



These simple reminders help you stay on top of your daily routine, so you can live independently for longer and give your loved ones peace of mind.

Each Hint button is programmed with a different ‘to do’. You can even attach a post-it note to make it easier to remember. When the Hint glows yellow, it's your window of opportunity – a gentle reminder to do your task. Hints also come with a sound alert as a final reminder.

Hints connect wirelessly to wifi, tracking your progress so you can see your daily activity online or share real-time updates with others (such as carers or family members).