We're all forgetful sometimes. But later in life, memory loss can become a real problem. Hints help you remember when it's time to do an important task, like feeding the cat or taking daily medication.




Everything is fine, no tasks to do. 



It's time to do your task now. 



Hurry, your task is overdue!



These simple reminders help you stay on top of your daily routine, so you can live independently for longer and give your loved ones peace of mind.

Each Hint button is programmed with a different ‘to do’. You can even attach a post-it note to make it easier to remember. When the Hint glows yellow, it's your window of opportunity – a gentle reminder to do your task. Hints also come with a sound alert as a final reminder.

Hints connect wirelessly to wifi, tracking your progress so you can see your daily activity online or share real-time updates with others (such as carers or family members). 


The Benefits

What’s So Good About HINT?


Easy to Use

Hints are easy to set up, with no smartphone required. All you need is a wifi connection. Either the user themself, a friend or family member can program the buttons; it’s as simple as making a calendar appointment in your phone.


Promotes Independence

These helpers give you control over your own daily routine, and it’s up to you who you share your updates with. Hint remembers important tasks, so forgetfulness is no longer something to worry about.


Blends In

Hint is designed to blend into your home environment, without being intrusive. The light gives gentle reminders, and the sound notification won’t go off unless it’s necessary. It intuitively becomes part of your natural routine.



Hint was created by a team of expert designers, engineers and entrepreneurs at IXDS. 


IXDS is Europe's leading service design consultancy. With studios in Berlin and Munich, IXDS has 10 years experience in creating user-centered products and services for global brands such as BOSCH, Siemens, BMW and Telekom. Two of the HUBS at IXDS are Connected Living and Participatory Health - so naturally, the Hint concept was a solution we couldn’t ignore! 

The idea was born from a Startup Hackathon on the topic "Technology for the Elderly" and a colleague's worries about her forgetful Grandma. 


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Interested to learn more about Hint or IXDS? We'd love to hear from you! We are currently fundraising and looking for partners to support our venture. Spread the word!


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